William H. Telfer Graduate Student Travel Award


Alexandra Brown

Title of Presentation:  Transmission Mode Evolution in Conditional Mutualisms with Spatial Variation in Symbiont Quality (Tentative Title of Poster)

Presenter:  Alexandra Brown

Workshop:   The Biology and Economics of Mutualism

Date: November 1-3, 2017

Location:  Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, German


2015-2016 Academic Year

Riley Graham

Title of Presentation:  Epigenetic Reprogramming of Caste Specific Foraging Behavior in C. floridanus

Presenter:  Riley Graham

Conference:   2016 XXV International Congress of Entomology

Date:  September 2016

Location:  Orlando, Florida


Aaron Leichty

Title of Presentation:  Evolution of Vegetative Phase Change in Acacia

Presenter:  Aaron Leichty

Conference:   New Phytologist Symposium:  Plant Develomental Evolution

Date:  May, 2016

Location:  Beijing, China


Stephanie Seifert

Title of Presentation:  Phylogeography and Evolution of the Lyme Disease Pathogen, Borrelia burgdorferi, between Multiple Vector and Host Communities

Presenter:  Stephanie Seifert

Conference:   13th International Conference on Molecular Epidemiology and Evolutionary Genetics of Infectious Diseases

Date:  May, 2016

Location:  Antwerp, Belgium


2014-2015 Academic Year

Emily Behrman

Title of Presentation:  Seasonal and Latitudinal Immune Trade-offs in wild Drosophila

Presenter:  Emily Behrman

Conference:   Evolution 2015

Date:  June 2015

Location:  Sao Paolo Brazil


Lee Dietterich

Title of Presentation:  Effects of planted grasses and a pioneer tree on succession on a eavy metal contaminated mountainside

Presenter:  Lee Dietterich

Conference:   Society for Ecological Restoration

Date:  August 2015

Location:  Manchester UK


Mitra Eghbal

Title of Presentation:  Mutation Rate Evolution in Rapidly Adapting Asexual Mutator Populations: An Experimental Study

Presenter:  Mitra Eghbal

Conference:   Evolution 2015

Date:  June 2015

Location:  Sao Paolo Brazil


Matias Escobar

Title of Poster:   Macf1 Mediates Spatial and Temporal Cytoskeletal Dynamics Functioing in Animal-Vegetal Polarity Establishment in Oocytes

Authors:  Matias Escobar-Aguirre, Allison Jamieson-Lucy, Ricardo Fuentes and Mary C. Mullins

Conference:   Jacques Monod Conference:  Actin and Microtubule Cytoskeleton in Cell Motility and Morphogenesis: An Integrated View

Date:  May 2015

Location:  Roscoff (Brittany) France


Aurora MacRae-Crerar

Title of Presentation:  Investigating the Determinants of Soil Bacterial Community Structure in a Mongolian Global Change Experiment

Presenter:  Aurora MacRae-Crerar

Conference:   Ecological Science at the Frontier

Date:  August 2015

Location:  Baltimore, MD


2013-2014 Academic Year

Swathi Ayloo

Title of Poster:   Mechanism of Dynein Activation by Dynactin Using Single Molecule Approaches

Authors:  Swathi Ayloo, Adita Dodda, Jacob E. Lazarus, Mariko Tokito, Michael E. Ostap, and Erika Holzbaur

Conference:   American Society for Cell Biology

Date:  December 2013

Location:  New Orleans, LA, USA


Yang Ding

Title of Topic to be Presented:   Signatures of Recent Selective Pressure on RNA Structures in Viral Genomes

Conference:   Evolution 2014 (Joint Annual Meeting of The Society for the Study of Evolution, The Society of Systematic Biologists, and The American Society of Naturalists)

Date:  June 2014

Location:  Raleigh, NC, USA


Vinayak Mathur

Title of Topic to be Presented:  Studying the Role of Population Specific Gene Expression Variation on Climatic Adaptation in Drosophila melanogaster

Conference:  Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution

Date:   June 2014

Location   San Juan, Puerto Rico


Tanya Singh

Tentative Title of Topic to be Presented:   Fates of Beneficial and Neutral Mutations in Hypermutable Asexual Populations 

Conference: Mathematical and Computational Evolutionary Biology

Date:  June 2014

Location:  Montpellier, France