Current Graduate Student Research

Student Research (Lab)


Stephen Anderson - RNA-Protein Interaction (Gregory)

Daniel Barnes - Developmental Neurobiology (Raper)

Alexander Berry - Disease Ecology: Dynamics in distribution and abundance in urbanizing environments using Trypanosoma cruzi (Brisson)

Erica Boetefuer - Mechanisms of Epigenetic Regulation (Hua-Ying Fan)

Alexandra Brown - Computational Biology and Modeling: Factors affecting symbiont transmission (Ackay)

Fabian L. Cardenaz-Diaz - Pathology, Cell Fate Decisions (Gadue)

Bianca Reo Charbonneau - Plants, Fungi and Coastal Dune Formation (Casper)

Erin Doody - Plant Genetics (Poethig

Mitra Eghbal - Evolutionary Genetics and Molecular Biology (Sniegowski)

Ben Galeota-Sprung - Evolution in E.coli populations (Sniegowski)

Riley Graham - Modeling Behavioral Epigenetics in Eusocial Insects (Berger)

Melina Gyparaki - Homology-Directed Telomere Synthesis in Telomeres Undergoing Alternative Lengthening (ALT), which is a Mechanism of Telomere Maintenance Used in 10-15% of Cancers (R.Greenberg)

Run Jin - Epigenetics (Wagner)

Jonathan Johnnidis - Memory CD8 T Cell differentiation during infections (Wherry)

Ozan Kiratli - Ecology and Evoutionary Biology (P. Schmidt)

Tomohiro Kumon - Centromere Paradox and Meiotic Drive (Lampson)

Erica Lawrence - Plant Genetics (Poethig)

Un-Sa Lee - Plant Molecular Biology; Epigenetic Regulation of Inflorescence and Flower Development (Wagner)

Aaron Leichty - Plant Genetics and Genomics (Poethig)

Hannelore MacDonald - Evolution and Ecology of Disease Systems (Brisson)

Sean McGroty - Noncoding RNAs in Neural Development (Davidson)

Takashi Nakamura - Developmental Biology and Cancer Biology (Chodosh)

Mitchell Newberry - Mathematical and Theoretical Biology, Evolvability, Cooperation, and Signaling Network Evolution (Plotkin)

Ruthsabel O'Lexy - Protein Trafficking in Plants (Gallagher)

Christine Park - Neuroscience and Behavioral Genetics (Sehgal)

Ammon Perkes - Neural Behavior in Birds (M.Schmidt)

Jean Gabriel Rosario - Computational Biology, mRNA Evolution (Kim)

Janani Saikumar - Neuroscience: Brain injuries and neurodegeneration (Bonini)

Bishwas Sharma - RNA Secondary Structure and RNA-protein interactions (Gregory)

Rohini Singh -Effects of Microbes on a Social Organism (Ants) (Linksvayer)

Ananth Srinivasan - Neurobiology (Bonini)

Ekaterina Tarasovetc - Chromosome segregation in mitosis (Ekaterina Grishchuk)

Tam Tran - Disease ecology, the influence of environmental conditions on disease transmission (Brisson)

Christopher Venters - Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics in the Human Spliceosome (Dreyfuss)

Justin Walsh - Evolution of Social Behavior (Linksvayer)

Michael Warner - Biology of Social Interactions (Linksvayer)

Haoran Zhou - Ecology and Biodiversity: Photosynthesis pathways in grasses (Helliker / Ackay)

Yitian Zhou - Pathogenic Bacteria and their response to surroundings (Jun Zhu)