Brenda Casper

Professor of Biology and Department Chair
322 Leidy Laboratories
Ecology and Biodiversity
Plant Biology

Ph.D., University of Utah, 1982

Selected Publications: 

Lucas, R. W. B. B. Casper, J. K. Jackson, and T. C. Balser. 2007. Soil microbial communities and extracellular enzyme activity in the New Jersey pinelands. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 39:2508-2519.

Casper, B. B. and J. P. Castelli. 2007. Evaluating plant-soil feedback together with competition in a serpentine grassland. Ecology Letters 10:394-400.

Casper, B.B., I. N. Forseth, and D.A. Wait. 2006. A stage-based study of drought response in Cryptantha flava(Boraginaceae): Gas exchange, water use efficiency, and whole plant performance. American Journal of Botany93:978-987.

Gustafson, D. J. and B. B. Casper. 2006. Differential host plant performance as a function of soil arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities: experimentally manipulating co-occurring Glomus species. Plant Ecology 183:257-263.

Casper, B. B., I. N. Forseth, and D. A. Wait. 2005. Variation in carbon isotope discrimination in relation to plant performance in a natural population of Cryptantha flava.Oecologia 145:541-548.

Casper, B. B., H. J. Schenk, and R. B. Jackson. 2003. Defining a plant’s belowground zone of influence. Ecology84:2313-2321.


Courses Taught: 


  • BIOL 101, Introductory Biology A
  • BIOL 240, Ecology and Population Biology
  • BIOL 423, Plant Ecology
  • BIOL 444, Advanced Ecology and Population Biology