Lab Requirement


Any Biology Major who has received 1.0 cu of credit for Biol 101, 102, or 121 or a waiver for Introductory Biology is required to include a laboratory or field course from the list below, as one of your required Biology Major courses.


  • BIOL 123 Introductory Molecular Biology Lab (only if you have lecture credit for Biol 101 or 121 but have not taken Biol 101)
  • BIOL 124 Introductory Organism Biology Lab (only if you have lecture credit for Biol 102 but have not taken Biol 102)
  • BIOL 251 Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology
  • BIOL 306 Histology (LPS; normally not open to College students)
  • BIOL 336 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy Lab
  • BIOL 376 Microbial Diversity Lab
  • BIOL 399 Independent Study (must be certified as lab or field experience by the departmental sponsor)
  • BIOL 400 Field Botany
  • BIOL 423 Plant Ecology
  • BIOL 425 Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Superlab
  • or a 500 level course that includes lab or field work


With the exception of Biol 123 and 124, the lab course you chose will also serve to fulfill one of the other requirements for the major (in most cases the requirement for "4 additional courses") and will not add to the total number of course units required for the major.