Getting Started in Biology

Welcome to the UPenn Biology department!

The following links will offer you the information you'll need to get your desktop, laptop, or mobile device ready for use.

Please email with any additional questions.

Getting Your PennKey

Your PennKey is a unique username that will ensure your data is encrypted throughout Penn related sites.

Click here for our guide on getting your personal PennKey ready to use.

Getting Your Penn Email

Once you're in Payroll, you will be eligible for a Penn Email account. Please contact to determine the best way to get your account setup.

Active Directory Accounts

Active Directory accounts allow you to log in to machines connected to the SAS domain anywhere on campus.

Please see our guide to getting started with an active directory account here.

The Active Directory request form can be found at this site:

Building Access

Your supervisor should email your Penn ID number to in order to get you card swipe access to the Biology buildings.

Other Userful Information: 

Once your have all of your necessary permissions, please refer to our guides to getting started with using your devices at UPenn.

Get Connected to the Internet

Please see our guide to both wired and wireless connections, located here.

Configure Your Email Client

Information on email application configuration settings can be found here.