Reserving a Room with Meeting Maker

Scheduling Rooms Via Meeting Maker

Beginning in January 2013, the Biology department began using Meeting Maker to reserve conference rooms. Here is the list of available conference rooms:

  • Goddard 205
  • Lynch 117
  • Lynch 202
In late 2013, we began using MeetingMaker to schedule the following teaching spaces as well:
  • Goddard 400
  • Goddard 402
  • Leidy 101
  • Leidy 104
  • Leidy 114
  • Leidy 115
  • Leidy 117
Getting a Meeting Maker Account

To sign up for a Meeting Maker account, fill out the form here:


Installing and Configuring Meeting Maker

SAS provides a guide for installing and configuring Meeting Maker for Windows and Mac.

Windows guide: Mac guide:


Reserving a Room


  1. Click "Create Activity/Meeting" on the left side.
  2. Fill out the time/date information about the meeting, as well as a description that lets people know what the event is.
  3. Click the Guests tab, then click Edit List and choose the room you would like to schedule.  All of the Biology conference rooms' names start with "Biology."  If a room is unavailable at a certain time, you'll see a red rectangle during the time the room is reserved.
  4. If you go back to the "Details" tab, you should see that the room name and number have autopopulated the "Location" field.
  5. Click "Update."  Your event has been created and the room is now scheduled.

Faculty have read-only access to the room calendars.  To access them, open the "Proxy" menu and choose "More Proxies."  You can add the conference room calendars as favorite proxies using the "Edit Favorite Proxies" option in the "Proxies" menu.  


Other Things to Know


  • Please do not schedule events more than six months in advance.
  • Please contact the Academic Office if there is a scheduling conflict.