Printer Recommendations

This is a list of printers officially recommended by Bio-Computing. We've taken into account a number of factors, including price, security, and usage needs. The printers on this list are all HP printers because HP is the brand we have had the most success with securing on Penn's network. We advise against purchasing Brother models and Xerox Colorqubes. We have had strange issues with those two brands, and they also do not come with sufficient security options.

A note on security: You may have noticed gibberish pages being printed at random from some printers in the department. These pages are a result of people scanning our network and attempting to communicate with the printers. This does not happen with proper web-security settings.

Lab Printers

The two lab printers we recommend are in use in many labs across the department. They serve between 10 and 25 people without an issue and come with a robust set of security features we can use to prevent gibberish pages and to protect your data. The models we recommend come with duplexers.

Office Printers

The office printers we recommend are meant to serve a single faculty or staff member's printing needs. There is more leeway with these models, because we do not plan to network these printers. The security settings on the less enterprise-driven printers often do not meet our requirements, so we are suggesting you connect to these printers via USB.