The James G. Kaskey Memorial Park honors its past as the first Botanic Garden of the University of Pennsylvania, bolsters research and educational opportunities within the Department of Biology, and enriches community well-being by creating a verdant oasis for plants and people.


Kaskey Park Renovations – March 2024 Update

Renovations are nearly complete! Last fall, work began on some much needed and long-anticipated improvements to the park.

What changed?

  • Primary routes between Levin Building, Guardian Drive, and Lynch Laboratory were  resurfaced to address accessibility needs, safety concerns and maintenance issues.
  • Steps at the south end of the pond were rebuilt to provide safe access to the woodland garden area.
  • Other below-ground infrastructure installed in anticipation of future improvements.

What remains to be completed? 

  • Wifi will be extended to improve connectivity through most areas of the park and security will be increased at key locations. (April)
  • New planting beds and lawn will be established at the south end of the park. (Spring 2024)
  • Picnic area will be reopened to rentals (April)

What to expect when you visit?

  • Access along the main paths through the park are now open.  A few sections of path have been eliminated, but alternate routes fill those gaps. 

Thank you for your patience during this process! We look forward to completing the remaining work and welcoming you back fully into revitalized areas later this year!


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