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Rent the Garden

The Kaskey Garden is a fragile and unique space located on a busy urban campus. Because of the intensity of the plantings and small space of the Garden, allowing it to be used for picnics and barbeques is a privilege. All fees charged are used to cover expenses in maintaining the Garden. It is expected that all guests will show respect for the plantings and adhere to the policies explained herein. Groups may be denied future admission if they are found in violation of the rules and regulations outlined in this document.

The garden is available to groups both within and outside of the University for rental. There is no parking available to attendees, however for catered events a space is provided for one vehicle. Please note that there are no publicly available bathrooms in the garden.

Due to liability associated with using residential grills, only the commercial grill we provide may be used for events.

Fees are as follows:

  • Groups under 40 participants: $100
  • Groups of 41 to 75 participants: $150.00
  • *Groups over 75 participants: $200.00

Grill rental fee for South Lawn area only:

  • Groups under 30 participants: $65
  • Groups of 31 to 50 participants: $75
  • *Groups over 51-75 participants: $85

*Groups of people over 75 participants cannot be accommodated on the South Lawn where the grill is located due to the size of this area. Larger groups must locate in the breezeway of Goddard, be catered, and must coordinate with the Kaskey Park staff prior to submitting a request date to discuss trash and recycling removal, and other logistics. Additional charges may apply.

Alcoholic beverages may be consumed as long as the stipulations in the agreement form are followed.

Due to University alcohol regulations, event coordinators will submit via email the type and quantity of alcoholic beverages they plan to include prior to the event. The Kaskey Garden Manager has the authority to refuse to allow alcoholic beverages in excess of what might be considered reasonable given the number of participants.

Events that occur after normal working hours, (M-F 8 - 5) may be subject to show proof of payment to have University approved security present during the event. All events must occur during daylight hours and should be scheduled to end no less than thirty (30) minutes prior to sunset. Please note that there are no lights in the garden. If you wish to hold an event that goes past sunset please contact the Kaskey Garden Staff at prior to reserving the garden.

Any group misrepresenting the number of attendees shall be charged a fee in keeping with the current fee schedule for the additional persons invited plus $50.00. An additional fee for exceeding the 100-person limit per event shall be charged of $500.00. By submitting this form you agree that if you misrepresent the size of your event you will accept and pay this fee.

UPDATE 9/7/2016 ***Due to increased rodent populations in the garden absolutely no trash bags may be left outside of garbage bins. Two trash bins, and two recycling bins will be provided during your event. If any addtional trash bags are used they must be carried out at the end of the event. An additional charge of $20 per bag will be charged for garbage bags left in the garden.

Please read these important usage and event guidelines!

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