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DO NOT release animals in the BioPond

To those who may be tempted to drop off unwanted pets at the BioPond:

Please know that in doing so, you are disrupting the balance of the unique ecosystem that is the BioPond. We understand that it may seem like the best option to drop off your reptile/fish/amphibian in the most wild place on campus when you are headed back home at the end of the semester, but we are here to tell you that it is NOT the best option, and in fact, is damaging to the plants and animals that we work to conserve here. Due to the heavy load of Koi and Red-Eared Sliders (turtle native to the Southeast) we are unable to keep aquatic plants growing, as they are quickly eaten up by these invasive species of animals that have no natural predators keeping their populations down here in the pond.

Help us achieve balance in the biopond, report illegal animal dumping to:
Penn Police (215-898-7297) and/or the Garden & Greenhouse Staff (215-898-7175).

Information about owning turtles as pets 
List of reptile rescue organizations in the region

Thank you for your help and understanding in this matter.