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Rent the Garden


Note: We are not currently accepting rental reservations for the 2020 calendar year. We hope to welcome back events in 2021.



Kaskey Memorial Park is a unique green space located on the busy urban campus of the University of Pennsylvania, making it an attractive place for a gathering. We offer two spaces for rent: The South Lawn and Goddard Breezeway. 


South Lawn:


·     Mulched, shady picnic area with adjacent sunny lawn. A commercial grill complete with fuel and utensils is available to rent in this area for an additional fee.

·     Maximum 75 people

·     Rates:

              o  Up to 40 participants:           $100   (with grill: $170)

              o  41-75 participants:                $150   (with grill: $235)


Goddard Breezeway: 

·     Patio area, partially sheltered by the building above. Easy access from the Park and Hamilton Walk.

·     Maximum 100 people.

·     Weekday events during the academic year must begin after 5pm in order to not disrupt classes in the building above.

·     Rates:

              o  Up to 40 participants: $100

              o  41-75 participants:      $150

              o  75-100 participants:    $200


Please note: While the park provides a lovely space for an event, it is not without its limitations. Groups may reserve only one area at a time and only one event can be accommodated each day unless special permission is granted. There is no lighting within the garden, so all events take must place during daylight hours. There are no public restrooms, electric or water access available within Kaskey Park. Parking is limited to a maximum of 2 vehicles for event organizers. Please read the rental agreement carefully before making a reservation. If you have additional questions please contact the park staff at


Make a reservation:

·     Read the rental agreement

·     Check the calendar for availability

·     Submit the online reservation request form