New tools for multi-modal precision measurement of single cells

Special Seminar
Dr. Aaron Streets, U.C. Berkeley
- | Raisler Lounge (Towne Building 225)
Aaron Streets

Abstract: The study of biology at the single-cell level has relied on the development of precision measurement tools. Our research is focused on developing new technology for multimodal, precision measurement of single cells to move beyond cataloging cell types and push towards gaining a mechanistic understanding of the relationship between the molecules that define and maintain cell state. We build both hardware and software tools for measuring epigenetic regulation, gene expression, protein composition, and morphological phenotype at the single-cell level. This talk will focus on recent work applying single-cell genomic analysis to study T cell development and adipocyte development in model systems. Additionally, I will present a new method for measuring protein-DNA interactions and DNA methylation with long-read sequencing.


Bio: Aaron received a Bachelor of Science in Physics and a Bachelor of Arts in Art at UCLA. He completed his PhD in Applied Physics at Stanford with Dr. Stephen Quake. Aaron then went to Beijing, China as a Whitaker International Postdoctoral Fellow and a Ford postdoctoral fellow and worked with Dr. Yanyi Huang in the Biodynamic Optical Imaging Center (BIOPIC) at Peking University. Aaron joined the faculty of UC Berkeley as an Assistant Professor in Bioengineering in 2016 and is currently a core member of the Biophysics Program and the Center for Computational Biology and he is a Chan Zuckerberg Biohub investigator. Aaron has received the NSF Early Career award and was named a Pew Biomedical Scholar.