Independent Study Guidelines

Additional Policies and Restrictions:

  1. Only one credit unit of independent study is allowed per semester.
  2. An independent study student is normally expected to devote 10-20 hours/week to the project, including reading, actual research time, discussion with mentors, and preparation of the required paper.
  3. Students may not receive independent study credit for paid work (such as a work-study job). You may, however, carry out a separate project for independent study credit in the same laboratory where you are working for pay. In such cases, the distinction between paid work and independent study research should be spelled out clearly in the Biol 399 application form, and students should devote approximately 10-20 hours/week of unpaid work to their independent study project.
  4. Independent study credit is not given for research done at institutions other than the University of Pennsylvania.
  5. Faculty sponsors and co-sponsors must agree that the student can use all data generated during the project in preparation of the required research paper. Independent study students cannot work on projects in which data will be withheld due to commercial agreements or other barrier to free dissemination of research information. Projects with a predominately clinical focus may not be appropriate for independent research.
  6. Students receiving independent research credit for a second department in the same lab as their Biol 399/499 must write a separate paper for each course and submit both papers at the end of the semester.