Approved Extra-Departmental Course Restrictions

  • Students counting BIOL 199 as one of the four “additional” courses cannot count BIOL 109 or BIOL 140.

  • Biology majors may count either BIBB 260 or BIBB 460 but not both.
  • CHEM 251 will count for the major in place of BIOL 204.  Students may not count both BIOL 204 and CHEM 251 towards the biology major. 
Note: ANTH 105 and ANTH 143 were removed from the list of Approved Extra-Departmental Courses in August 2014. ANTH 105 and 143 will be counted for the major or minor only if taken prior to Fall 2014. Students may only count one ANTH course toward the major or minor. Students counting BIOL 109 or 140 or 199 for the major cannot count ANTH 105 or ANTH 143.