Molecular Biology

The Molecular Biology Concentration has been modified. The Class of 2017 and later interested in this concentration should follow the requirements for the Molecular and Cell Biology Concentration.

The Department of Biology offers a challenging curriculum for students interested in molecular biology, a major area of modern biology concerned with understanding the molecular basis of gene structure and function and the role of macromolecules in cellular processes. This discipline has played a dominant role in establishing the molecular foundations of genetics, genomics, cell biology, development, evolution, and human disease. The Molecular Biology Concentration allows students to plan an integrated program that culminates in laboratory research.  

Introductory Biology (2 - 3 CU):

  • Track 1: BIOL 121 with 123 and BIOL 124 (2.0 cu) 
  • Track 2: BIOL 101 and 102 (3.0 cu) 

Chemistry (4 CU): 

  • CHEM101 or 115 with 53 (1.5 CUs)
  • CHEM102 or 116 with 54 (1.5 CUs)
  • CHEM241 (1 CU)
  • CHEM242 (1 CU)
  • CHEM245 (1 CU)

Calculus and Statistics (2 CU):

  • MATH104 (1 CU)
  • MATH114 or 115 (1 CU)
  • STAT102 or STAT111 or BIOL446 (1 CU) 

Intermediate and Advanced Biology (4 CU):

  • BIOL202 (1 CU)
  • BIOL221 (1 CU)
  • BIOL402 (1 CU)
  • BIOL421 (1 CU) 

Advanced Biology Electives (2-3 CU): 

Track 1: Must take 3 courses

Track 2: Must take 2 courses 

  • BIOL354 (1 CU)
  • BIOL406 (1 CU)
  • BIOL407 (1 CU)
  • BIOL422 (1 CU)
  • BIOL425 (1 CU)
  • BIOL475 (1 CU) 
  • BIOL480 (1 CU)
  • BIOL483 (1 CU)
  • BIOL484 (1 CU)

Research Experience (2 CU):

2 CU of independent study (BIOL399 and 499) is required for the concentration.  Students are required to present their research at the annual Symposium on Undergraduate Research in Biology (SURB) poster session, held at the end of the Spring Term.

Although not required, the following courses may be of interest to students in this concentration:

  • BIOL251
  • BIOL375
  • BIOL431
  • BIOL437
  • BIOL485
  • BIOL486
  • BIOL488
  • BIOL522
  • BIOL526
  • BIOL537
  • BIOL540
  • BIOM555
  • IMUN506

How to Apply for the concentration:

Since it is very desirable to begin the Biology course series as soon as possible, we strongly recommend that interested students enroll in BIOL 121, 124 and begin the introductory chemistry series as freshmen. If a student has already completed BIOL 101 and/or 102 before beginning their Molecular Biology Concentration, these courses will be accepted as substitutes for BIOL 121 and 124.  The directors for this concentration are Dr. Daldal and Dr. Pohlschroder.  Advisors include Dr. GoulianDr. Guild, Dr. Guo, Dr. Poethig, and Dr. Wagner.  After submitting an information form for the major and a worksheet for the concentraton to the Academic Office, a student intending to take the concentration in  Molecular Biology must meet with their assigned advisor to approve his/her choice of courses from this list.