Credit for Introductory Biology

Advanced Placement (AP) Biology credit 

For students matriculating in or after 2017 (Class of 2021 and subsequent classes), the Biology department no longer awards credit for the College Board AP Test or the Higher Level International Baccalaureate Exam.

The following information applies to students who matriculated in Fall 2016 or earlier:

Credit for advanced biology courses (usually indicated by BIOL091/0993) is not equivalent to any of our introductory biology courses. One credit unit (1 cu) of Biol 091/0993 was granted for a score of 5 (the highest possible) on the College Board AP Test, a score of 6 or 7 on the Higher Level International Baccalaureate Exam, or a grade of A or B on the British A-level Exams in Biology. Students who studied high school Biology in Europe or Canada should consult with the Undergraduate Chair to determine if they are eligible for this credit.

Biol 091/0993 can be used as an elective toward graduation but cannot be used for the Biology major or minor. Biol 091/0993 does not fulfill requirements for medical school.  There is significant overlap between the Biol 1101/1102 introductory series and high school AP and IB courses. Students with Biol 091/0993 credit who take or receive credit for Biol 1101 and/or 1102 will lose their Biol 091/0993 credit.

Departmental Placement Exams

Note: The Biology Department offers placement exams once a year at the start of the Fall Semester. Only incoming students (Freshmen and Transfers) may sit for an exam. 

Students who pass one of the respective departmental placement exams are awarded credit for the lecture portion of Biol 1101, 1102, or 1121. The placement exams are similar to the final exams administered for the introductory courses at the end of the semester; they consist of a combination of short answer and multiple choice questions. All exams are graded and results posted before the end of the course selection period. If you pass an exam, your transcript will reflect 1.0 credit unit for that course. If you do not pass, no entry will be made to your transcript. Students who pass an exam receive credit for only the lecture portion of an introductory course; no credit is given for lab. Students can satisy the laboratory requirement (1 credit of Biology lab) for the major by taking one of the department's lab courses or by completing an independent study course.