Distinction in Biology

Students may apply for the honor, Distinction in Biology, if they have a major GPA of 3.25 or greater and they complete an honors thesis.  The honors thesis is based on the candidate’s independent research and in the format of an article to be published.  The same work may be used for an honors thesis and for Biol 399 or 499 papers. However, you may not use the same work for an honors thesis in Biology and in another department, or for an undergraduate thesis and a Master’s thesis.

Candidates must submit an Application for Honors. Seniors will receive an e-mail during the semester they are scheduled to graduate with the application and specific instructions for submitting the application.  The application must be signed by the independent study sponsor and returned to the Academic Office.  Members of the faculty honors committee review the honors thesis and, if approved, the phrase “Distinction in Biology” will appear on the student’s transcript.