How to Map a Printer [Mac]



1. Click System Preferences in the Apple menu



2. Click Print & Scan in the Hardware menu



3. Click the Lock button (only if it is locked, if it's unlocked go to Step 5)



4. Enter Administrator credentials



5. Click the + button



6. Click the IP icon



7. Enter the printer Address

If all goes well it will say “Valid and complete address.

    You may move on to Step 8.

 If there is a problem with the address it will say “Invalid or incomplete address.

    In this case, please check that you are entering the accurate printer address, verify that your printer is not already added with a different name, and be sure that your printer is on. If these three steps are verified and still no luck, please contact Bio-Computing.



8. Protocol should already be listed as Line Printer Daemon – LPD, if it is not, please select this from the drop-down menu

Please leave Queue blank



9. You may change the Name and/or Location of the computer to something that is memorable & descriptive to you



10. The driver should automatically load in the Use line, if it doesn’t, use the generic driver that the wizard chooses. If this doesn’t work, please contact Bio-Computing.



11. Click Add


All set!