Research - Evolution

Organic evolution is concerned with the processes that have given rise to the great diversity of life on earth. Evolutionary processes include both neutral processes - those that occur due to chance events - and selective processes - those that favor the survival and perpetuation of a specific genotype within a population over other variants.

Akcay headshot

Erol Akçay

Assistant Professor of Biology

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Dustin Brisson

Associate Professor of Biology Director - Evolution and Ecology of Disease Systems Laboratory, Director - Biology Master's Program


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Dr. Daniel Janzen

Daniel Janzen

Professor of Biology; Thomas G. and Louise E. DiMaura Term Chair


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Junhyong Kim

Patricia M. Williams Term Professor and Chair, Biology; Co-Director, Penn Program in Single Cell Biology; Adjunct Professor, Computer and Information Science


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Michael Lampson

Associate Professor of Biology and Graduate Chair in Biology


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Josh Plotkin

Joshua B. Plotkin

Professor of Biology, Mathematics (secondary), and Computer & Information Science (secondary)

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Dr. David Roos

David S. Roos

E. Otis Kendall Professor of Biology


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