Research - Computational Biology

Shelley Berger

Daniel S. Och University Professor Director of the Epigenetics Program

215 746-3106

Research Interests
Cell and Developmental Biology, Computational Biology, Genetics, Epigenetics, Genomics Read Bio

Mark Goulian

Charles and William L. Day Distinguished Professor in the Natural Sciences


Research Interests
Microbiology, Genetics, Epigenetics, Genomics, Computational Biology Read Bio
Dr. Junhyong Kim

Junhyong Kim

Patricia M. Williams Term Professor and Chair, Biology; Co-Director, Penn Program in Single Cell Biology; Adjunct Professor, Computer and Information Science


Research Interests
Computational Biology, Evolution, Genetics, Epigenetics, Genomics, Neurobiology, Behavior, and Physiology Read Bio
Dr. Yoichiro Mori

Yoichiro Mori

Visiting Professor of Mathematics and Biology Calabi-Simons Chair of Mathematics and Biology

Levin 352

Research Interests
Neurobiology, Behavior, and Physiology, Cell and Developmental Biology, Computational Biology Read Bio