Palms Solutions

About Palms Solutions

Palms Solutions is a 501 C (3) non-profit organization that aims to transform the lives of the African immigrants and multicultural Diaspora and their host city of Philadelphia, by fostering cultural, social, and economic partnerships, that put communities on a self-determined path to educational, and economic breakthrough. Palms Solutions represents more than 13,000 African families living primarily in West, Southwest and Northeast Philadelphia, as well as the Delaware Valley.

Palms Solutions partners with leaders and organizers, both local and international, committed to change and action through three main initiatives:

  • Education
  • Housing
  • Health Equity



Palms Solutions’ aims to boost the academic proficiency and outcome of multicultural students. Programs focused on elementary, vocational, high school, and university level education serve as an additional and supplementary resource for students and their families living in the great west Philadelphia area.

  1. TIMBA: “Making it impossible for our students to fail” A program designed to provide Technology,Inquiry,Multicultural,Bilingual,After-School(TIMBA) support for students in the great west-Philadelphia area. Focused on providing tutoring and mentorship in critical writing/reading, sciences, conflict resolution, health and wellness etc.
  2. ESLPro: ESLPro, our new designed linguistic writing and reading software uniquely poised, and carefully crafted to address Philadelphia public schools’ increasingly unmet needs of ELL, ESL and special need students. 
How can you get involved?

Palms Solutions, specifically TIMBA, is looking for volunteers. Help to close the educational and cultural gaps separating and inhibiting the communities right here in West Philadelphia by signing up and getting involved! (267)251-1925