The philosophy of the Biology Department is to create an environment in which many areas of biology are represented, and interactions with a diverse group of colleagues provide opportunities to broaden your thinking and make connections between different fields and scientific approaches.

Upcoming Events

Understanding Plant Responses to Global Change: when, where, and why

Dr. Daniel Park, Harvard University
- | Tedori Family Auditorium, Levin Building

Global change is altering how species, traits, and lineages are distributed across space and time. Here I discuss two of the most dramatic biological responses to human activity; the dislocation of plant species…

The conflict beneath your feet: Genetic tradeoffs in the plant root microbiome

Dr. Corlett Wood, University of Pittsburgh
- | Tedori Family Auditorium, Levin Building

Genetic pleiotropy—when the same gene impacts multiple traits—is an integral part of building phenotypes from genomes. While the evolutionary significance of pleiotropy in morphological, physiological, and even…


Dr. Niels Groen, New York University
- | Tedori Family Auditorium, Levin Building