The philosophy of the Biology Department is to create an environment in which many areas of biology are represented, and interactions with a diverse group of colleagues provide opportunities to broaden your thinking and make connections between different fields and scientific approaches.

Upcoming Events

Immersed Elastic Structures in Stokes Flow

Dr. Yoichiro Mori, University of Minnesota
- | DRL A2

Problems in which immersed elastic structures interact with the surrounding fluid abound in biology, physics and engineering. Despite their scientific importance, analysis and numerical analysis of such problems are…

Mathematical methods in evolutionary dynamics

Dr. Natalia Komarova, University of California Irvine
- | A8 DRL

Evolutionary dynamics permeates life and life-like systems. Mathematical methods can be used to study evolutionary…

Why don't baboons have culture?

Alecia Carter, PhD
- | Levin Building, Tedori Family Auditorium