Jess Wojick wins the "Natural Sciences" category for Penn Grad Talks

Penn Grad Talks is a day of TED Talk-style presentations by Penn Arts & Sciences graduate students representing the Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Professional Master’s prog

OMNIA shines a spotlight on the "Plant Group" in the Biology Dept

Within the Department of Biology, the self-described “plant group” is employing cutting-edge techniques to explore everything from cancer and developmental biology to how agricultural crops might withstand a changing climate.

Erol Akçay and Marco Smolla publish research about social networks

Erol Akçay and Marco Smolla wanted to understand how social networks and cumulative culture—the breadth of and proficiency in socially learned skills—co-evolve. They published their findings in Evolutionary Human Sciences.

David S. Roos to receive the ASBMB 2024 Alice and C. C. Wang Award in Molecular Parasitology.

David S. Roos was nominated and selected to receive the ASBMB 2024 Alice and C. C. Wang Award in Molecular Parasitology. This award recognizes established investigators who are making seminal contributions to the field of molecular parasitology.

Coral Resilience - Environmental Animation featuring the Barott Lab

Coral reefs are vital for coastal communities, biodiversity and ocean health, but will they survive climate change? The Barott Lab collaborated with Penn undergraduate animation students to create this video explaining coral biology, climate change, and environmental resilience. Featuring interview with PennBio graduate student Luella Allen-Waller.