The transmission of non-genetically inherited phenotypes to offspring by sperm RNAs

Dr. Colin Conine, University of Pennsylvania
- | Levin Building Auditorium (Tedori Family Auditorium)
Photo: Colin Conine

AbstractContrary to the dogma of genetic inheritance, molecules other than DNA such as RNA transmitted by sperm during fertilization can modulate the phenotype of offspring. Recently, we have demonstrated in mice and C. elegans that small RNAs (tRNA-fragments and miRNAs) transmitted by sperm during fertilization can regulate embryonic gene expression. These findings reveal initial insights to the first steps of how RNAs in sperm can program offspring phenotype. We aim to further determine the molecular processes during development that are regulated by sperm RNAs and to identify the breadth of information that is transmitted to progeny by diverse RNAs during fertilization. 


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