Ensuring Positive Impact – centering reciprocity when engaging with communities through STEM

Dr. David Delaine, Ohio State University
- | Levin Building Auditorium (Tedori Family Auditorium)
Photo: David Delaine

Abstract: Building partnership and working with others to positively impact society are at the core of the STEM fields. Yet these elements, often promoted via NSF’s Broader Impacts criteria, are not centrally located in STEM education hindering the extent to which STEM professionals can advance equity. How can STEM education scholars and practitioners ensure that we build a future that embraces these core elements meaningfully while specifically providing for those who are marginalized? Reciprocal community-based learning (CBL) in STEM – which includes service-learning, outreach, and volunteerism – is well positioned to advance these elements, yet renewed critique of the pedagogy will result in further impact. In this seminar I will provide an overview of the Inclusive CBL Lab’s research agenda through clearly defining reciprocity, discussing why reciprocity is necessary within this context, and describing efforts to advance reciprocity in engineering CBL. Our hope is that, with further adoption of reciprocity across STEM education, we can produce reflexive professionals prepared to contribute to an equitable, multi-cultural society.


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