Evolution in the Anthropocene: Mechanisms and consequences of human-mediated selection

Dr. Shane Campbell-Staton
- | Leidy Room 10
Photo: Shane Campbell-Staton

Human-mediated global change is one of the strongest forces impacting the tree of life in the modern age. Examples of adaptive response to human disturbance offer unique opportunities to understand the underpinning mechanisms that drive the evolutionary process. In this seminar, Dr. Shane Campbell-Staton will present recent and ongoing work of the Campbell-Staton Group to catalogue and understand the myriad ways that wildlife is changing to keep pace with rapid global change. Using data that span different levels of biological hierarchy, he will discuss the impacts of urbanization, poaching and environmental contamination on diverse organisms from different regions around the globe. Through this work, The Campbell-Staton Group hopes to gain a clearer understanding of the lasting biological impacts of our human footprint.