Mechanisms of climate change resilience in reef-building corals

Dr. Katie Barott, University of Pennsylvania
- | Leidy Room 10
Photo: Dr. Katie Barott Underwater


Environmental variability is predicted to promote stress tolerance by selecting for phenotypic plasticity. However, the influence of environmental variability (e.g. diel fluctuations in seawater temperature and pH vs. seasonal incursions of warm or acidic seawater) on coral responses to climate change stressors are not well understood. In this talk, I will discuss our work investigating how environmental memory affects coral resilience to climate change stressors across biological scales, from the effects of seawater pH dynamics and repetitive marine heatwaves on colony metabolism and fitness to the molecular pathways that govern the onset of coral sperm motility. These studies will help determine the capacity of corals to acclimatize and adapt to the ongoing climate crisis.



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