Emanuel Barrett wins a coveted spot in Penn’s Johnson Scholars Medical Program

Few academic honors carry the weight and prestige of the Johnson Scholars Medical Program at the University of Pennsylvania. Acceptance into this rigorous program signifies exceptional talent and a dedication to the field of medicine. This year, that honor belongs to Emanuel Barrett, a brilliant and driven student who has impressed everyone with his passion for healing and his unwavering commitment to academic excellence. Let's delve deeper into Emanuel's journey and explore what makes him such a deserving recipient of this esteemed opportunity.

Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Emanuel came to Penn to major in Biology, with minors in Chemistry and English. Some might think this would not leave a lot of time for extracurricular activities, but that is not the case!  Emanuel actively participates in the College Dean’s Advisory Board (DAB), Ase Academy, GlobeMed, the Shelter Health Outreach Program (SHOP), Johnson Scholars, Robeson-Cooper Scholars, The Sphinx Senior Honor Society, and conducts cancer genetics research in the Maxwell Lab. Outside of academic pursuits, he likes to stay active through running, biking, and hiking. To satisfy his artistic and adventurous self, he loves to dance and photograph hidden gems in Philly.

Emanuel is enjoying a full life now and has wonderful plans for the future . “After medical school, I aspire to become a specialized surgeon. Through shadowing, I have learned that I enjoy the surgeon’s leadership and the collaborative environment of the operation room. Additionally, I find the technical aspects of performing an operation to be challenging but engaging. I’m keeping an open mind to my particular career path; however, my current top choice is orthopedic surgery. Outside of being a surgeon, I hope to continue being a mentor to aspiring physicians and participate in community outreach for underserved populations in medicine.”

The Department of Biology is excited to see Emanuel reach his goals, and we believe he is well on his way.

Photo: Emanuel Barrett