Past Events

Mechanisms of CRISPR-mediated immunity and applications beyond editing

Biology Seminar
Andrew Santiago-Frangos, Ph.D.
- | Tedori Family Auditorium

2022 Telfer Lecture

William H. Telfer Lecture Series
Drs. George Langford, Gonzalo Castro de la Mata, & Ingrid Waldron
- | Tedori Auditorium

Bayesian Information-Theoretic Calibration of Radiotherapy Sensitivity Parameters for Informing Effective Scanning Protocols in Cancer

Mathematical Biology Seminar
Katie Storey (Lafayette College)
- | Virtual

Friday Grad Talks!

Zhengfeng Liu, Minhao Li, and Ana Alonso
- | Tedori Aud

Modeling Microbial Biofilms in Their Environments

MathBio Seminar
Isaac Klapper (Temple University)
- | Virtual

Designing Programmable Biosensors

Biology Seminar Series
Dr. Elizabeth Libby, Northeastern University
- | Tedori Auditorium, Levin Building

Ecological complexity across scales

Department of Biology Seminar Series
Senay Yitbarek
- | Tedori Family Auditorium

Flow sensing in cancer

MathBio Seminar
Andrew Mugler from the University of Pittsburgh
- | DDRL A1 or Zoom

Biology Grad Talks!

- | Tedori Auditorium

Plant-fungal interactions mediate host stress responses

Department of Biology Seminar Series
Christine Hawkes
- | Tedori Family Auditorium