Landscape and climate factors can predict prevalence of Lyme disease bacteria

Environmental models, developed by biologist Dustin Brisson of the School of Arts & Sciences, former graduate student Tam Tran, and colleagues, could help forecast disease hotspots.

Undergraduates help songbird research project take flight

Through the PURM internship program, Julia Youngman and Eric Tao had the opportunity to work in neuroethologist Marc Schmidt’s lab studying the neural basis of courtship behaviors in songbirds.

Aman Husbands Faculty Spotlight

"A flower blossoms for its own joy." was once stated by Oscar Wilde, but the science of biology says there's a bit more to it. In January of 2022, the Department of Biology welcomed its newest faculty member, Dr. Aman Husbands. Read below on how Dr. Husbands is studying complexity and reproducibility and asks the fascinating question: How does development create such complex and beautiful shapes, and why doesn’t it go wrong all the time?

Cancer cells selectively load ‘drones’ to keep T cells from infiltrating tumors

Biologist Wei Guo and colleagues elucidate the process of sorting and loading cargo for these biological drones with implications for a more targeted and effective use of checkpoint inhibitor drugs in cancer treatment.

Educating Community Oriented Biologists

Cell biology, plant science, and neurobiology were all areas of study undertaken by students in the SNF Paideia designated course Research in Biological Sciences and its Social Impact. Projects were grounded in scientific inquiry with an added community focus.