Professor Sarah Tishkoff elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.

Dr. Tishkoff and five other faculty members from Penn are honored for their efforts to help solve some of the world’s most urgent challenges.

David S. Roos on the future of COVID-19

The E. Otis Kendall Professor of Biology and infectious disease specialist discusses the virus, its variants, and vaccines in a Q&A.

Dr. Abdus-Saboor Named as 2021 Sloan Research Fellow

The fellowship recognizes extraordinary U.S. and Canadian researchers whose creativity, innovation, and research accomplishments make them stand out as the next generation of scientific leaders.

First ever ‘pioneer’ factor found in plants enables cells to change their fate

To start the process of unpacking tightly bundled genetic material, plants depend on the LEAFY pioneer protein, according to work led by biologist Doris Wagner.

Parkinson’s disease risk and severity is tied to the activity of a channel in cells’ ‘recycling centers’

Genetic variations associated with both increases and reductions in risk of the neurodegenerative disease alter the action of ion channels within cellular organelles called lysosomes, a new Penn study finds.