Rules and Restrictions

General Restrictions

  1. For a Biology major with a second major, at least five of the ten course units of Biology courses must be unique to the Biology major and may not be courses that are counted toward the student's other major or minors.
  2. Students may count only one of the following toward the four additional courses: NRSC 1110 or BIOL 1604 or BIOL 1999 or BIOL 4077. [BIOL 109 or 140 or 199 or 477
  3. Students may count 1.0 cu of BIOL 3999 for the major. A Biology faculty member must oversee any BIOL 3999 and is responsible for approving the initial proposal and the final paper. In addition, students may count 1.0 cu of BIOL 4999 toward the major, provided all of the other courses for the "four additional courses" are Biology Department courses. If a student wishes to count courses from outside the department toward the "four additional courses" requirement, then the student may only count one semester of independent study toward the major and can count the other semester as a College general elective.
  4. BIOL 2510 [BIOL 446] may be counted toward the requirement for "four additional courses" or toward the math requirement, but not toward both. If another statistics course, such as STAT 1110 [STAT111], is used toward the math requirement, BIOL 2510 can still be used as one of the "four additional courses" but none of the courses listed in item #2 can be used towards the "four additional courses" requirement.
  5. All juniors should meet with their advisors during the Spring semester prior to registering for Fall classes. Between junior and senior year, students' worksheets will be updated and rising seniors will be notified of their remaining requirements for the major.
  6. All requirements must be met by actual course credit; exemptions or waivers from other departments do not satisfy the requirements for the Biology major or minor.  Students who recieve a waiver for introductory biology must still fulfill the credit requirements of the major. 
  7. A minimum 2.0 grade point average for all courses taken to satisfy the major is required in order to graduate as a Biology major. (You may have a "C-" or "D" in one or more courses, but your overall average in the major must be at least 2.0.)
  8. See Restrictions on LPS, Transfer, and Summer Courses for restrictions on transfer, LPS , summer courses, and Advanced Placement Credit