Major Overview & Placement Exams

Major Overview

Track 1 and Track 2

Students may enter in the Biology major following either Track 1 or Track 2. Track 2 is the more standard two semester introduction to the major. Biology 101 covers topics in cellular and molecular biology and genetics, and BIOL 102 covers topics in ecology, evolution, and organismal biology. 

Track 1 is a one semester introduction to the major and is designed for students with a strong foundation in high school Biology and Chemistry. It is generally recommended for students who have earned either a 4 or 5 on the AP Biology exam and who have also taken at least one course of high school Chemistry. BIOL 121 lecture covers topics similar to those found in BIOL 101, but in greater detail and at a quicker pace. Majors are advised to complete BIOL 121 lecture with BIOL 123 lab. 

Biology Placement Exams

Incoming 1st Year and Transfer students may receive credit for the lecture portion of one introductory course (BIOL 101, 102, or 121) by passing the Departmental placement exam for that course. These exams are offered annually at the start of the Fall semester and are open only to incoming 1st Year and Transfer students. You must contact the Biology Undergraduate Coordinator to be registered for an exam. Fall 2021 Exams will be administered on Thursday, August 26th at 8AM.