Transfer and LPS Credits



Courses offered by Penn LPS

Biology courses above the introductory level in LPS or Summer Sessions generally cannot be counted toward the Biology major or minor.  LPS courses include evening courses, Saturday courses, and Summer Session courses that are taught through LPS.  This rule is very rarely waived and only with prior approval from the Undergraduate Chair and the instructor of the regular academic year, daytime course.  Taking BIOL 2001, 2801, 2201, or 2301 [BIOL 201, 203, 211, or 213] through LPS is not permitted. BIOL 1101/1102 Introductory Biology A/B and BIOL 4004 Immunology are exceptions to this rule and are accepted for the major without requiring special approval.

Course Unit restrictions

Biology majors and minors must obtain permission from the Undergraduate Chair before taking any courses through LPS or at another university. To obtain permission to take a LPS or Summer Session biology course contact the Undergraduate Coordinator via email or visit the Biology Department academic office.  Approval must be obtained before the student takes the LPS or summer course.  No more than two course units taken in LPS, Summer Sessions and/or at another university or college may be counted toward the Biology major.

Transfer Credits

After a student has matriculated at Penn, no course subsequently taken at a two-year college will be eligible for transfer credit.  If you plan to take a Biology course at another university or college, you should submit your request along with a syllabus for the course through the College XCAT website.

Exceptions to the Above Restrictions

The restrictions related to LPS and Summer Session courses do not apply to Biology majors in the College of Liberal and Professional Studies. For LPS students who transfer into the College, these restrictions do not apply to courses taken before entering the College.  The regulations limiting the number of transfer credits do not apply to courses taken by transfer students before transferring to Penn or to courses taken by Penn students who participate in a study abroad program at the University of Edinburgh, one of the University of London schools, the University of Melbourne, James Cook University, or one of the tropical ecology programs in Costa Rica (see Study Abroad Programs and Field Courses). Students who have two or more course units in the major when they transfer into the College from LPS or another university or college will not be permitted to take any additional courses for the major in LPS, in the Summer Session, or at another university or college, although exceptions may be made for the study abroad programs and field courses discussed in Study Abroad Programs and Field Courses, if approved by the Undergraduate Chair.