BIOL 199

Biol 199 requires a co-sponsor who is a faculty member in the Biology department.  A Biology faculty member might co-sponsor a Biol 199 independent study if the sponsor’s work is known to the co-sponsor and/or the proposed research project lies within the co-sponsor’s area of expertise.  It is advisable to discuss your proposed independent study with potential Biology department co-sponsors as soon as possible. A Biology department faculty member who has agreed to co-sponsor a Biol 199 project is committed to monitor the student’s progress and to evaluate and grade the final report. Biology faculty are under no obligation to co-sponsor independent study research, although most are willing to do so. A final written report is required for a Biol 199 course. This report is generally expected to take the form of an article to be published in a scientific journal. If you want to learn more about the kinds of research projects carried out by previous Biology majors, browse through the file of honors theses written by previous Biology majors, available in the Biology Academic Office.

Permission to enroll in Biol 199 must always be obtained in advance. Course section numbers are only issued after completion of the application for registration.  Students may only enroll in one BIOL199 study course.  Biol 199 may count toward the "four additional courses” requirement of the major with the caveat that students may count a maximum of 2 CU of independent study towards the major.

If a student wishes to count courses from outside the department toward the “four additional courses” requirement, then the student may only count 1 independent study course towards the major; additional independent studies will count as free electives.  Students counting BIOL 199 as one of the four “additional” courses cannot count BIOL 109, BIOL 140, ANTH 105 or ANTH 143.