Requirements for Biology Submatriculation

Students Must Fulfill the Following Requirements: 

1. Obtain a commitment of research support from a faculty member in the Biology Graduate Group (Primary Research Advisor).

2. Achieve a Grade Point Average of 3.0 in their major field.

3. Complete 3 graduate level lecture courses (5000-level or higher [400-level or higher]) and receive grades of "B" or better in each of them.

4. Take BIOL3999 and BIOL4999 [BIOL 399 and 499] with your Research Advisor and receive grades of "B" or better.

5. Complete three semesters of BIOL5999 [BIOL 599] (1.5 credits each, 4.5 credits total) with your Research Advisor and receive grades of "B" or better for each semester. BIOL5999 application form

6. Attend the Master's Research Symposium.

7. Write and defend a thesis. Consult the Master's Style Guidebook for information on how to format your thesis; you may disregard information about submitting your thesis to the Graduate Division. The Biology Master's Program Director, Dr. Dustin Brisson, will handle submitting proper forms to the Graduate Division and a copy of your thesis to the library.

Your Thesis Committee will consist of two members: the Chairperson (your Research Advisor) and a reader who will be assigned to your thesis. Your defense may consist of several rounds of edits and questions from both members. Once your thesis has been approved by your Research Advisor and reader, you will need to provide the Biology Academic Office with a copy of your cover page and then pick up forms that your thesis Committee will need to sign. You must return the signed forms to the Biology Graduate office and submit a copy of your signed cover sheet; this cover sheet must be signed by your Research Advisor and your reader. The Master's Program Coordinator will obtain the Graduate Group Chairperson's signature.

You will give one unbound copy of your thesis to the Academic Office (Room 102, Leidy Laboratories). Your thesis will be sent to the Library for binding and cataloging.

For general questions regarding the Biology Submatriculation Master's Program, please contact Dr. Dustin Brisson, the Master's Program Director, at